Will Moogley Ghost Agency


Will Moogley Ghost Agency is a series of novels written by Pier­ domenico Baccalario and Alessandro Gatti, two of the most rec­ ognised Italian authors for children. It’s a series full of black humor, set in an unspecified western city full of skyscrapers. The seven books of the original series were published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme and translated into 10 languages, including German, Spanish and Chinese.


Through an easy going and amusing language, Willard Moogley Ghost Agency tells the story of a group of children that has to face every day a new extraordinary adventure, and be able to fit them into their normal, ordinary life.
It is a Series able to show us something we cannot really see. In fact, the invisibility of so many different ghosts is a metaphor for the inner emotional world of kids, difficult to define, but multifaceted, powerful and sometimes frightening. And Uncle Alvin plays the role of mentor and liaison between their inner and physical world.


The project is currently in the Development phase with investments provided by the Production partners: Studio Pandora and Book on a Tree, who will also provide resources and services. Once the bible and the Production Plan are completed we will involve networks and broadcasters with whom we will be able to approach international grants and markets. A first approach with an Italian broadcaster has already been done, which resulted in a strong interest in the development of the project.

TV Series – 26 x 26’

8 -11 y.o.

Family – Comedy – Mystery – Adventura

3D Animation

Studio Pandora