Will Moogley’s Ghost Agency


Have you ever thought about having the possibility to scare to death someone by serving as a ghost?

Will Moogley Ghost Agency is a series of novels written by Pier­ domenico Baccalario and Alessandro Gatti, two of the most rec­ognised Italian authors for children. It’s a series full of black humor, set in an unspecified western city full of skyscrapers. The seven books of the original series were published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme and translated into 12 languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese.


Will is an orphan adopted by uncle Alvin, who unfortunately passed away. But he went back as a ghost, to help Will to run the agency. At his side are his inseparable friends Tupper and Susan, who join him on every agency task. Ghosts get paid with ectoplasm, their only food. The Agency is not exactly the best in the market, but the ectoplasm which they produce, is the Ghost’s preferred Ectoplasm in town.  However, the right perfect ghost is needed to scare. Eventually  the agency have a whole catalog of ghosts, matching all budgets and needs: from the more economical to the most Expensive and Fancy ones.

Will is the Agency boss (supposedly!): very lazy, a video-games addict,  and a junk-food lover, but in hard times he becomes extremely brave. And last but not least, he has a crush on Susan.

Susan is a smart girl (maybe a bit too much! ). She is an activist who fights for the environment. She is always there for Will and Tupper, and especially from the disasters they both caused. we can call her a bit of a “Tomboy”.

Tupper is Will’s best friend. He is so proud of his online channel called: TupperChannel, a channel dedicated to occultism and magic; this boy is very ambitious, complicated to deal with a clumsy and messy creator like he is! ! But after all, he is a trusty and reliable friend.

Uncle Alvin, is our Agency’s Founder- he has chosen to spend his after-life as a Ghost in Hawaii. Not bad after all to be the first tanned ghost in history. Of course he is the mentor of the entire team thanks to his knowledge in the Ghostly world.

The series will show us what we cannot really see. The ghost has several human issues: too shy, too stinky, too fat, too fearful, big mouth etc, that our trio will try to solve.


The project is currently in the Development phase. We have finished the Bible, the Script of some episodes.

We made the characters and the teaser. We received the interest of RAI. In September 2022 we pitched the project at the Cartoon Forum.

TV Series – 26 x 22’

6 – 9 y.o.

Humor – Mystery – Adventure

CGI 3D Animation

Studio Pandora