Il Piccolo Galago Senegalese


The little Galago needs to learn how to hunt, but his fear of falling out of trees stops him. The main theme of the short is the fear of failure. Everyone has experienced failure, but many have turned failures into opportunities like our protagonist.


On air on RAI Play Il piccolo galago Senegalese is conceived and promoted by ANICA and RAI RAGAZZI with the collaboration of Cartoon Italia and Asifa.

Technique: the project was made in 3D animation, but with painted textures that give the short film a more authorial look but with three-dimensional perspectives.



Produttore Anica Servizi: Rossella Mercurio

Produttore Rai: Cecilia Quattrini

Produttore Studio Pandora: Francesco Catarinolo


Regia: Francesco Catarinolo, Anita Verona

Storyboard, Character Design e Matte Painting: Andrea Monnet

Art Director: Giulia Filippini

3D modelling e Set Dressing: Alberto Giolito

Rigging: Roberto Caravana

3D Animation Supervisor: Carlo Misischi

3D Animation: Cristian Scarlatescu, Anita Verona, Francesca Fulginiti

Lighting e Rendering: Giulia Filippini

Editing: Francesco Catarinolo

Soundtrack e Sound Design: Stefano Maccarelli


Short film, 3′

8-60 Y.O.


3D Animation

Francesco Catarinolo – Anita Verona

Riccardo Pezzuolo  Anita Verona

Rai – Anica Servizi

Studio Pandora

Studio Pandora