Bob Noto


Type: Documentary

Lenght: 8o’

Genre: Biographical

Film Director: Francesco Catarinolo

Production: Studio Pandora

Supported by: Film Commission Torino Piemonte


What does “Being a gourmet” really mean?

For Italians, the word “Gourmet” can be close to the concept of being a foodie: someone with a great deal of knowledge in gastronomy, a lover of good cuisine, just a food lover in general.

Lately, “Gourmet” seems to have become somewhat of a trend that involves different landscapes in our society, from our social activities to the most popular tv shows and formats.

In a way, we all consider ourselves to be “gourmet”, even if we don’t really know what that means. We defend our culinary choices because they so often align with what fuels our passion, what we believe in. “Gourmet” can be a dish, a place, a restaurant, or a high-quality product.

How can a person be defined as gourmet?

There are many answers to this question. One of the deepest and most important, but less known, starts from Turin: not from the kitchen of a 3-Michelin-starred chef, but from the chaotic workshop of a photographer and graphic designer who has an extraordinary palate: Bob Noto, renowned Italian photographer and gastronome, has revolutionized forever the world of cuisine.

His road toward the greatest culinary experiences is filled with travels, great restaurants, laughter, jokes, weird adventures and surreal endeavors. His life has influenced the way we look at (and we take pictures of) food; it’s a pilgrimage in search of the best dish, and the best chance to make it last forever with a ‘clic’.

A journey in search of the deepest meaning of the word “gourmet”.

Feature Documentary – 8o’


Italian, Spanish

Studio Pandora

Francesco Catarinolo

Italy, Spain




I first heard about Bob Noto from the journalist Luca Laccarino. I was immediately fascinated by the figure of an extraordinary man who, from his chaotic workshop as a photographer and designer, with an extraordinary taste, has forever revolutionized the world of cooking. The documentary will narrate the life of Noto, engaging the audience as much as possible with the story. We will focus on Bob’s life, following the evolution of his story and trying to create an emotional experience.

The documentary will have an innovative approach, because it will include various visual styles. In some moments we will wink at a cinematic aesthetic, inspired by the hit Netflix series Chef’s table. We will enter the kitchens of the most talented Chefs and thanks to them, we will rebuild the extraordinary biography of Noto. We will use 2D animation to make the inner world of Bob come alive, and we’ll show some of his life’s most important moments that couldn’t be shown otherwise. With the use of animation, we will create a 2D avatar of Bob, that will guide us in his inner world. A very strong reference is the award winning documentary Flee, by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, that tells the story of an afghan refugee towards safety. In our documentary, the flashback will become a true narrative language, told through the animation medium. Last but not least, we have all the archive footage and materials, fundamental to connote the character and his link to the haute cuisine sector: the Gambero Rosso TV broadcasts, the Salone del Gusto talks, The Maurizio’s Costanzo show and more, will help us to bring out Bob’s ironic and eccentric personality.

In some ways, the experimental visual approach of the documentary will help us to make Noto’s vulcanic soul stand out. A soul made of multiple, various passions: Bob Noto was a photographer, gourmet, artist, graphic designer, a comedian and more.