The Red House


Through the story of Robert Peroni, an italian explorer transplanted to Greenland, the documentary describes the situation of a population at risk of extinction. In a story in which all the actors appear well-intentioned, but whose outcome is debated, a man seeks his own path, inspiring us to ponder the meaning of “giving back”.


On 29 September 2015, I read an article: “Save the last Inuit in my Red House”. It wasthe first time I heard about Robert Peroni and the Red House and I was immediately fascinated by his story. In December 2015, I went to his home in Val di Tires, Süd Tyrol.I had expected to meet a super man, a fearless explorer and instead I discovered a delicate man, sick, with shining eyes. I immediately established a strong bond with him, perhaps because we have some things in common, like our love for the mountains. The story of the Ivis of Eastern Greenland is a story rich in nuances, and even if very far from our Latin culture, this is still a community with which it is easy to have a certain affinity, since based on simplicity, respect, cohabitation with the rhythms of nature. My aim is to convey the attention of documentary on the consequences of our actions. The consequence of the action meant to defend the seals has condemned the Inuit people to extinction. And then the story of Robert, a man in search of his journey, with a simple act of altruism and perhaps able to inspire a revolution.


The documentary is in production. The project is supported by Piemonte Film commission, South Tyrol film commission and Italian National Film Fund (Mibact).

Feature Documentary – 90’

Human rights – Environment

Italian, English, German

Tekla srl, Italy

Vidicom Media, Germany – Studio Pandora, Italy

Francesco Catarinolo

Greenland, Italy


€ 350.000




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